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General Counsel Services

Andreas Patsanas Law Firm in Athens Greece General Counsel Services


Sometimes business demands more: Andreas Patsanas Law Firm provide much more than legal advice, we’re business advisors who serve as an extension of your team.

Key advantages of General Counsel Services

For 11 years, Andreas Patsanas Law Firm has delivered legal counsel that informs strategic business decisions to help companies grow. We use our mastery of the law and strong business acumen to handle day-to-day legal matters in a practical and efficient manner. Andreas Patsanas Law Firm are viewed by our clients as key business advisors who provide much more than legal advice—we are a partner and an extension of their team.

We ensure clients find the answers they need by connecting them with the best subject matter experts both inside and outside of Andreas Patsanas Law Firm. We measure value by business successes, not by a running meter, and build long-term relationships that provide stability and reliability for our clients.

Our legal expertise focuses on strategies that build your business and enable smart growth—we don’t need time to get up to speed because we know your industry and understand your business goals. KO provides general counsel services to clients in a wide spectrum of industries from software and SAAS, to retail and manufacturing, healthcare and life sciences.

We anticipate the issues your company might encounter as it grows and recommend strategies that protect your assets now and in the future. Whether Andreas Patsanas Law Firm is handling short-term or ongoing needs, our promise is to make the most of your time and resources with practical solutions and just the right amount of legal expertise.

We help each client future-proof their business to avoid costly mistakes that can be difficult to unwind after the fact. For emerging companies, Andreas Patsanas Law Firm provides counsel on the best strategies to help build your business based on our keen understanding of both your industry and stage of your company’s growth.

We collaborate with established companies as their outside deal team and help them take contract management in house with our contracts-management services. We can also serve as an enabler to help get your newest solutions to market and get the right deals done.

Andreas Patsanas Law Firm have deep experience at large, multi-national firms and companies and are experts in dealing with sophisticated transactions and contracts. We pair our experience with our industry expertise to set you up for success.